Security Monitoring Service

The security monitoring service is a relatively expensive, but effective way to ensure safety at the company's facilities. This service will ensure security at your office, warehouse, shore, as well as an apartment, countryside house from any unauthorized entry.

The security monitoring service is an alarm system, connected to the single central control center, where the security personnel monitor the situation around the clock. The on-duty specialist would react to the alarm signal and take any required actions based on the alarm signal, produced by the system.

Importantly, the system to transmit an alarm signal to the central control center is created in such a way, when it is not possible to switch off or prevent a transmission, as a signal is simultaneously sent through several systems (wire-based, radio channel and GSM). This system is highly effective even against professional perpetrators.

Based on the Customer's selection, there are two possible options of action that the security personnel take, when the alarm has been triggered:

  • Warning to Customer about Intrusion. In this case, the Customer will take a decision on further actions: he can visit the site personally, request the visit by a security service to the site under control or contact law enforcement.
  • Rapid Response Team Involvement. A Rapid Response Team that is nearest to the site will arrive to the site, assess the situation and act based on what they have uncovered.

The time a rapid response team would take to arrive to the site would generally depend on how far away it is from the site at the time of the alarm system being triggered. The higher the number of such teams at the territory under control, the less time they will take to arrive at the site. In this case, it's only a large company, which has a high number of such teams, patrolling the territory, that will be capable of ensuring full-scale security at any time

Rodina Security Group has used modern technology, equipment and engaged highly qualified personnel in order to prevent unlawful actions at the customers’ assets.

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