Security Audit

The employees with Rodina Security Concern are prepared to carry out an in-depth and comprehensive inspection at a customer's site, identify any weak points within the security system and develop a list of recommendations, enabling to eliminate any deficiencies and improve its level.

The reliability of the system depends on many factors with the technology resource being the most important one. After some time, the system may become outdated, which is unacceptable in the dynamically developing field of security assurance and may result in significantly unfavorable consequences.

The list below includes a number of measures, that the company carries out during the audit:

  • Integrated Analysis of Security System (on-site inspection, an inspection of its specifics: inspections at premises and adjacent territory, engineering and technical equipment, identification and analysis of risk factors at the site)
  • Proposals Concerning Security System Improvements (development of the plans of security posts, site territory patrolling, development of duties descriptions for security personnel, recommendation on replacement or additional improvements to technical security instruments (a decrease in human error impact due to the use of modern integrated security technical tools)
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