Business Centers Security Assurance

A business center generally includes one or several buildings or a part of a building that have the infrastructure, enabling performance of business activities and host a large number of offices. A business center may also include the following facilities: parking lots, warehousing facilities, personnel-only premises, food catering areas, stores, etc. Such a "packed" location would generally have a number of separate offices, each of which may have a large number of visitors.

A security team at a Business Center should include only highly qualified and experienced guards. The quality of the security team's operations has a direct impact on the prestige of such facilities, starting from the appearance of security guards and up to the time that a team takes to react to an emergency.

An integrated security services range for a business center generally includes the following components:

  • security audit;
  • physical security;
  • video surveillance at the site and premises;
  • application of security technical tools (SOT, SKUD, SOTS);
  • advisory services on security-related issues.

The experts with Rodina Security Group are ready to perform an audit into the security system and analyze the protection level at the business center and adjacent territories, assess any potential threats and deliver a customer with an offer, enabling to improve the existing security system or set up a new one.

Additionally, a security team would roll out and actively use technical security instruments at a business center, including the following: access control and provision systems, security and fire alarm system, CCTV surveillance system, combined with the organizational measures (access control system, on-site and fire safety systems). An integrated approach, providing for implementation of such systems, provides a significant benefit, as it enables to mitigate and minimize human factor, which may result in errors in security assurance.

The physical security approach provides for placement of posts across the site's territory and in areas, where there is a heightened threat of any actions by perpetrators. It's important to bear in mind that effective security personnel would not only ensure safety at the facility in case of any emergency, but, in addition, would continuously monitor the situation and be prepared to immediately react in case of any changes. We make sure that our security personnel is always polite, neat and attentive to the needs of guests and employees.

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