Mass Events Security

When arranging and having cultural and sport events, business conferences and presentation, advertising campaigns, demonstrations, rallies and marches, special attention should be paid to assuring securing of all participants. A thorough preparation and coordination actions on the part of security personnel will not only enable to avoid any emergencies and unlawful acts, but will also ensure order in the places with large crowds of people.

It's important to bear in mind that the organizers of an event are responsible to enforcing order within the site, when an event takes place, create the required conditions, enabling to ensure safety of participants and guests, and comply with fire safety requirements. This makes it important to engage a professional security company in order to ensure a smooth execution of an event.

Throughout the event, the employees with Rodina Security Group would ensure public order, protect life and health of the participants, as well as property of organizers, and make sure that the general and fire safety requirements are fully complied with.

The engagement provides for a performance of the following measures:

  • Site inspection prior to the event;
  • Access control system (face control, prevention of entry of undesired persons and entry of prohibited items (weapons, explosives, narcotics, alcohol);
  • Coordination of participants flows;
  • Restriction of access to personnel-only areas and premises;
  • Suppression of conflicts;
  • Patrolling across the site area;
  • Site inspection after the event.

Security assurance at mass events includes a well-coordinated set of measures on the part of EMERCON, police and a security company. Futhermore, a set of measures to assure security should be developed and executed, including the following: identification of scope of responsibility and action plants in various situation, distribution of force and assets, arrangement of communications between divisions. A security company plays an important role in resolving any organizational issues that might arise. There is no doubt that it is possible to rely only on a well-experienced company, when arranging such events.

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