Cargo Security Ascorting

The modern business is highly dynamic: a company that might have developed only within a particular territory, may suddenly decided to expand its footprint. In this case, a company will face a task, when it needs to ensure the cargo safety, when being transported.

Rodina Security Group has provided services, relating to cargo security escorting both in the Russian Federation and abroad. The security is assured across of stages of transportation operations: loading operations, shipments and unloading operation at a destination point. A separate Non-Disclosure Agreement effectively ensures confidentiality of any obtained information. In order to ensure security of inventories, Rodina Security Group has implemented an integrated approach.

The high-value cargo security escorting services include the following measures:

  • Overt or covert automobile escorting (possibly armed escort);
  • Security alarm systems installation;
  • "Key-turn" cargo transportation (own drivers, signalization and CCTV systems, GPS monitoring, engagement of an additional escort group, etc.).

The employees with Rodina Security Group are highly qualified specialists that have undergone a special training course and are equipped with the required technical instruments (weapons, protection and communication instruments, technical instruments). In this way, they can take an immediate action in order to prevent a loss, damage or theft of the cargo. When the cargo is under a reliable protection of specialists, you can be sure that it will be delivered in time, with no risk to its safety!

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