Rodina Security Group

Rodina Security Group is a group of companies that will allow you to be confident in the security of your business. Companies involved in the Rodina Security Group comprehensively protect Client’s enterprise in such fields as information, legal, physical security.

Today Rodina Security Group has all the resources necessary for the high-quality integrated security:

  1. personnel, carefully selected by an experienced HR service. All staff passed professional training in the School for training of security guards,
  2. organizational structure that effectively manages the activities of the Security Group and controls it at all levels,
  3. senior and middle management has years of experience in security management and a merited service records,
  4. experience on all declared in the list of services areas; hundreds of successfully completed projects, including those that started in the year of company’s foundation and have been renewed annually for many years,
  5. modern physical infrastructure, annually replenished with the latest technological tools and advanced technologies, which are used to improve the quality of services and minimization of cost on security.

Rodina Security Group presents in the Russian market of security since 2008. Since its foundation, the history of the formation of one of the nationwide industry leaders begins.

Nowadays Rodina Security Group consists of several private security companies: Rodina SPb, Rodina NN, Rodina-Schit, Rodina-Sever, Rodina-Yug, Rodina-Center. Guided by the common principles and quality standards of services, Rodina Security Group’s representatives maintain a reputation of one of the best security agencies of the Russian Federation.

Our customers, who trust us:

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Licence for security services + addendam

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Work with Rodina Security Group is a real work for men!

The employment with a private security company is a highly responsible and promising line of activities. Primarily, employment as a security guard is a genuinely men's work, when employees often have to prove such qualities, as tenacity, stamina and physical prowess, as well as ability to make quick decisions in emergencies.

You need to train in order to become a professional in your field. Our employees have to undergo a special training course, including a theory-based and practice-focused components, when they learn to use the special equipment and weapons, before they can become an employee of a division of Rodina Security Group.

The security personnel with Rodina Security Group quite often subsequently become the managers of various levels, as the qualified, developed in this line of work and acquired skills promote personal growth.

If you wish to take an interview and find out about advantages of employment with Rodina Security Group, you need to take a few steps.

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Today, Rodina SC delivers protection services for over 250 companies across more than 40 regions in Russia.


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